Pandoro: a heart of butter

Along with Panettone, Pandoro is the cake that most Italians love and buy for Christmas.

Originally from Verona, it's made with soft brioche dough, in a characteristic deep star shape. This cake is distinguished by the delicate flavour of butter and the intense aroma of vanilla, often complete by a pretty white coating of icing sugar.

The artisan production technique is made up of numerous steps and is very time consuming, but the result is a sumptuous and elegant cake which is well-worth waiting for. Ideal eaten alone, to fully savour the rich buttery vanilla flavour and fragrant softness, its delicate consistency means that it is also excellent with creams and fillings.

Sole di San Martino offers customers two variants of Pandoro: High Pandoro and Heart of Pandoro.

Both are made using an artisan technique and carefully selected ingredients, then wrapped in elegant packaging to offer a unique gift and a taste experience to share.

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