Panettone: all the goodness of tradition

Panettone is the sweet symbol of the Italian Christmas tradition, a must on every table at Christmas time.

The moment of its triumphal entrance at the end of a meal is always greeted with joy and enthusiasm.

Its legendary origins increase the charm of this speciality: the story goes that the panettone we know and love today has humble origins and was created, as often happens, by mistake. It was thanks to the initiative and creativity of an assistant called Toni, who worked in the kitchens of Ludovico il Moro, that a simple bread dough made with leftover ingredients and flavoured with raisins and candied fruit, prevented a small disaster and made it possible to bring a noble banquet to a worthy end, gradually becoming the sumptuous cake we all know today.

Panettone is a naturally-leavened soft dough cake, enriched with butter and eggs and characterised by the presence of raisins and candied fruit in the traditional version, often completed with a delicious glaze with almonds. The soft honeycombed consistency, the intense aroma of butter and candied fruit, and the rich and enveloping flavour make it the undisputed king of Christmas.

Sole di San Martino Panettone are made using only the finest ingredients and an artisan production process.

In addition to the classic version with raisins and candied fruit, appreciated by those who love tradition, we offer numerous variants to satisfy the preferences of all our customers: Panettone with almonds, Panettone with chocolate glazing and hazelnut chips and Panettone with Moscato with no candied fruit. The use of antique techniques and selected ingredients make Sole di San Martino Panettone the ideal choice for celebrating the pleasure of being together and the festive atmosphere with a high-quality product, appreciated by young ones and old ones.

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