Piedmontese patisserie

Patisserie has an old and noble history in Piedmont.

Evidence of the passion for this art is provided by the region's numerous liberty-style patisserie shops and elegant historical cafés, places filled with the atmosphere of days gone by, amidst mirrors, gilding and elegant wood panelling.baci-cacao-cms.png

The oldest date back to the 18th century and represent authentic jewels of architecture and historical monuments to costume. Leading historical figures met in their rooms and discussed literature, art and philosophy, but also politics and finance. Here, the ladies, intellectuals and members of Piedmont's aristocracy used to spend their time drinking hot chocolate or the famous "bicerin" (a drink made with coffee, cream and chocolate), accompanied by a varied assortment of dry patisserie.

paste-di-meliga-cms.pngSole di San Martino offers its customers the chance to give the gift of that same experience, enjoying the delights of the fine Piedmontese confectionery art, created by artisans and presented in precious gift boxes.

Choose from a vast catalogue which contains all the most renowned specialities: lady kisses and "brutti e buoni", made with the precious Nocciola Tonda Gentile delle Langhe GP hazelnut, delicious cornmeal biscuits with their unmistakable flavour, fragrant nougat, etc. Without forgetting the specialities of Piedmont's master chocolatiers: gianduiotti, pralines and cuneesi with rum.

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