The Colomba, sweet goodness on the Easter table

The Colomba is undoubtedly the cake that symbolises Italian Easter.

The delicate scent of citrus, the soft and airy consistency and the delicious glazing of almonds and sugar invite you to try it immediately.

The traditional recipe consists of a mixture made with flour, sugar, eggs and butter, enriched with candied orange peel and completed by a layer of almond glaze. The artisan process is a lengthy one: the dough has to rise three times, with the gradual addition of the various ingredients, creating a soft, aromatic and richly flavoured product.

The shape of this cake has a very deep symbolic value. In the holy scriptures, the dove represents the Holy Spirit and salvation, as well as being universally recognised as a symbol of peace by many cultures. The link between the dove with the Christian celebration of Easter is related particularly to the fact that it is the emblem of the resurrection of Christ, who sacrificed his life to save Mankind.

The original recipe, included in the list of Traditional Italian Agri-food Products originates in Lombardy and is quite recent. The idea was conceived by Milan businessman Angelo Motta who, in the 1930s, decided to use the machinery and techniques already used by his company in the production of Panettone to make a cake for Easter. The success of the cake, which soon became the emblem of Italian Easter, was due largely to the advertising campaigns conceived for its promotion by the famous artist Cassandre, who also created the fortunate slogan: “Colomba, the cake that tastes of spring”.

While the speciality we know today has a relatively recent history, there are numerous other Italian Easter desserts, often in the form of a dove, that are rooted in the Middle Ages. This indicates the traditional association of a dessert with religious celebrations to emphasise the sacrality of the ritual with a product that wasn't served on an everyday basis, but reserved for festivities.

Sole di San Martino offers its customers the classic Colomba, for lovers of tradition, and three delicious variants to suit all tastes: Sour Cherry Colomba, Chocolate Colomba and Colomba with no candied fruit, all presented in elegant gift packs.

The use of antique techniques and selected ingredients make our Colomba a necessary pleasure to celebrate Easter in company. Sole di San Martino guarantees that every gift you give will be of the finest quality, made using artisan methods, which will be appreciated by young and old.

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