The fascinating story of chocolate eggs

Every child waits excitedly for Easter, because it brings one of the most delicious gifts of all, chocolate eggs filled with a surprise.

This sweet treat was first created by the Dutchman, Van Houten, who, at the beginning of the 19th century, designed a special hydraulic press to separate fat from cocoa, making it possible to mould chocolate. This enabled the formation of very fine, concave chocolate shells, in which to hide small presents. The invention was an immediate success and spread quickly throughout the market, taking on the various forms that we know today.

While the tradition of the chocolate egg is recent, the exchange of real decorated eggs has very remote origins. Apparently, this habit dates back to the ancient Persians, who celebrated the arrival of spring by exchanging this precious food, which was a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The tradition seems to have then spread to Egypt and Greece, but it was only in the Middle Ages that a stable connection with Easter was identified.

Emblem of fertility and rebirth, the egg possesses a profound symbolic significance for all cultures, rooted way back in history. It is the origin of life and its absolutely smooth shape symbolises the cycle of death and rebirth of nature. This is why the egg has been associated with spring for thousands of years. With the advent of Catholicism, the symbols of rebirth connected to the egg were re-elaborated in a Christian key, taking on a religious value. Thanks to the fact that Easter falls at the beginning of spring, the meanings linked to the passage from the dormant season to the sowing of the new seeds took on a new value, symbolising the rebirth of man in Christ and creating a link with the rituals linked to this festivity.

Uova di cioccolato con sorpresa

There is a fascinating and mysterious story behind this sweet speciality, which renews its magic every year.

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