Classic method sparkling wine

Known and loved throughout the world, Classic method sparkling wine is the product of a singular and very interesting production process.

Only in this way can we achieve excellent quality, with an unmistakable flavour and aromatic profile.

The story of this remarkable product begins in the vineyard: the acidity of the early-harvested grapes is the element that conveys freshness and verve to the wine, maintaining all the varietal aromas. Base wines from various vintages are blended and second fermentation takes place in the bottle, with the introduction of selected yeasts and sugar, giving the wine its characteristic sparkle.

After a period of ageing, the next step is remuage: the bottles are inclined on special racks (pupitres) and rotated constantly, to favour the deposit of the exhaust yeasts, produced by fermentation, on the cork. The wine is now ready for disgorging, which consists in freezing the wine contained in the neck of the bottle and removing the cork, so that the deposit comes out, forced by the pressure. Lastly, the wine is topped up with a syrup made of wine and sugar (liqueur d'expedition), the proportions of which will determine the final characteristics of the product, which will be more or less dry depending on the sugar residue. The bottle is closed with a traditional mushroom cork and a wire cage, and then left to rest again.

Thanks to its effervescence and pleasant acidity, Classic method sparkling wine is the perfect accompaniment for sweet and fatty foods, rebalancing them with its characteristic freshness supported by a good structure. Ideal for celebratory aperitifs, Sparkling wine is also excellent served throughout a meal, particularly with starters and fish, seafood and vegetables, but also with fresh cheeses, and in some particularly surprising pairings.

Sole di San Martino caries out passionate research to select products that express the finest aromas of a land rich in history and charm.

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